Often our patients want other fertility resources in addition to acupuncture. Our programs are individualized based on your needs and preferences. We often recommend blending acupuncture and supplementation with the following services for the most complete and effective care. 

Fertility Counseling

Tina Michalski MSW,LSWAIC

Meditation for Fertility See patient resources for audio

Yoga For Fertility

Yoga For Fertility Seattle area yoga retreats, workshops and private sessions with an emphasis on fertility

Naturopathy for Fertility

Roots Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Katherine Fitzpatrick ND

Board-Certified Reproductive Endocrinologists

Pacific NW Fertility and IVF Specialists

Overlake Reproductive Health

ORM Fertility

Seattle Reproductive Medicine

Poma Fertility

Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine

CYN Fertility 

Spring Fertility 

Board Certified Urologist

Thomas J. Walsh M.D., M.S.