Acupuncture in the first Trimester: 4-12 weeks

Acupuncture in the first trimester of pregnancy can ease many uncomfortable symptoms. We recommend or twice a week treatments dependig on severity. After fertilization occurs, the zygote divides repeatedly and as it travels down the Fallopian tube and implantation occurs 10-14 days after ovulation. This can be a very exciting time with lots of changes.  The beginning of your baby’s nervous system is developing, as well as the primitive heart and circulatory system.

Many women experience pronounced fatigue, smell and taste changes, increased urination, headaches, digestive changes, and nausea/ morning sickness which may last all day. Emotionally there is excitement and also nervousness. Family, friends and coworkers may or may not know of the new changes happening in your body. You may feel vulnerable.

Acupuncture in the first trimester of pregnancy can help assist in the development of the embryo, reduce morning sickness and fatigue,decrease stress and related symptoms, and promote a viable pregnancy. This is an especially important time for women who have spotting, or have suffered previous miscarriages. Listen to your body and rest as needed.

Testimonial: Morning sickness My pregnancy was going great until week 7 when the nausea really kicked in. I couldn’t eat or drink anything! The diet recommendations Lindsey gave combined with the acupuncture reduced my symptoms. They got me through until week 12 when I finally felt the somewhat normal again! I particulary liked using the Happy Belly Tonic. I would drink it cold and sip all day. Mary, age 28

Testimonial: Bleeding in the First Trimester I came for acupuncture at 6 weeks pregnant after having 4 IUI and 1 IVF. I was feeling really stressed, anxious and having heartburn. I thought this might help. At 9 weeks I had pretty heavy uterine bleeding and the doctors told me there was a “sack” of blood in my uterus which they were concerned could rupture. I was so worried I would lose the baby. I continued to bleed lightly on and off but it was less after my acupuncture sessions. By 17 weeks the hemorrhage had reabsorbed and I could finally enjoy my pregnancy. I finally delivered a healthy baby boy at full term. Thank you so much for helping through such a challenging time!  Erika, age 30