Preparing for labor, 34-36 weeks

Acupuncture to promote labor works by:

  • Softening the cervix to allow dilation.
  • Promoting smooth and effective contractions at the appropriate time.
  • Improving stamina.
  • Calming the mind and spirit.

How often should you have acupuncture to promote labor?

We recommend acupuncture to promote labor 1-6 times weekly starting in week acupuncture to induce labor in Seattle WA34 through birth. We focus on your treatments on preparing the body and mind for a smooth labor. Acupuncture is not magic, but the treatments build on each other to maximize effect. Frequency of treatments is one of the most important factors.

First, we will work to soften. your cervix and align the baby in the proper position for birth. Even if you are past your due date, it is not too late to start getting acupuncture to promote labor. We often recommend herbal and lifestyle adjustments to support labor as well. We have appointments available 7 days a week to accommodate your needs.

Article: The Use of Acupuncture as a Routine Pre-Birth Treatment

We provide support during a crucial time.

The time just before birth is one of transition. When preparing for birth, the body is releasing hormones which can bring up many emotions. You might feel excited and elated one minute, and scared and anxious the next. During this intense time, we empower and support the expectant mother. East Asian medicine doesn’t force the body into labor but supports the natural progression of labor.

At this time we will also give your our Postpartum Folder with recommendations for at home care after your baby is born. This includes diet recommendations and recovery techniques. We also offer lactation support, post partum doula support and counseling. We will talk about and support your birth plan.

Testimonial- My due date was 1 week away and my cervix was only slightly softened. This was my first baby. I was nervous that I would need to be induced. I’d heard that Pitocin can make contractions very painful. I began daily acupuncture and on the second day I felt really bad. I was dizzy, hormonal and lots of lower abdominal pressure. Lindsey assured me this was a good sign! When my midwife checked me the following day I was 2 cm dilated!! I continued with treatment and delivered without an induction 2 days past my due date. We are so happy to meet our little girl! Layra