Acupuncture for IVF

When should I start acupuncture for IVF?

IVF acupuncture

Acupuncture benefits your IVF cycle in many ways

Begin your acupuncture and herbal program three months before the IVF cycle begins. This becomes especially important if there has been a previous failed IUI/ IVF cycle. If this is not possible, begin treatment as soon as possible in your IVF cycle. We work closely with your fertility clinic to support their protocols.  In addition, we are very familiar with the process and how to use acupuncture to increase your chances of a healthy pregnancy and child.

Once you IVF cycle begins, we use proven protocols to compliment each phase and maximize your success. Your treatments are based on your age, history, and reaction to your IVF protocols.

How often should I get Acupuncture while undergoing IVF?

Ideally you will have treatments 1-3 times a week per cycle. We recommend you start acupuncture weekly 3 months prior to the procedure. Once the cycle begins we increase to treatments 2-3 times a week. We highly advise a treatment within 4 hours of the transfer.

How will acupuncture help with my uterine Lining and Egg Quality?

Whether acupuncture is started three months prior to the beginning of an IVF cycle or one week prior to transfer, the focus on the treatments will be to improve the egg quality and increase blood flow to the uterus promoting the formation of a healthy uterine lining. Without a high quality egg it is impossible to have a high quality, viable embryo. Decreased blood flow to the uterus has been associated with high failure rates of IVF cycles. We often incorporate Low Level Laser Therapy and Vitamin Injections for poor egg quality, low reserve as well as lining issues.

Is acupuncture on the Day of Embryo Transfer necessary?

There have been numerous studies that show an increased success of a transfer when it is combined with acupuncture. It is important to get treatement as soon as possible after the procedure. Acupuncture at this time assists in implantation of the embryo in the uterus.

A recent study using whole systems TCM where diet, supplement and lifetsyle changes were added shows positive results. There was a significant increase in live birth rates in those patients using acupuncture in addtion to assisted IVF.

In 2001, a landmark study led by Wolfgang Paulus was published in Fertility and Sterility. It showed that acupuncture increased the clinical pregnancy rates of IVF. The results showed that 42.5% of the patients who received acupuncture became pregnant versus 26.5% who did not.

What role does stress play in my fertility?

Assisted reproduction cycles are very stressful. Acupuncture reduces stress and anxiety and its effects on the body. Lower stress levels are almost a side effect of treatment! It also decreases side effects from Western fertility medications used in an IVF cycle.

Should I get Acupuncture after my embryo transfer

Conception is just the first step toward the birth of a healthy child. After the transfer of the embryo we focus on helping the embryo impant and grow.  Complications during pregnancy can be higher as a result of using assisted reproductive technology. We recommend acupuncture 1-2 times per week post transfer through the first trimester. At this time, we focus on assisting implantation and preventing miscarriage.  We also work on moderating immunological factors, increasing energy, and preventing pregnancy complications.