Improve your chances of conception with a specialized diet for fertilitysuperfoods for fertility in Seattle WA

Seattle Fertility Acupuncture offers a fertility diet that is right for you. Our programs are based on time tested East Asian medical principles and modern research. At Seattle Fertility Acupuncture we recommend that you begin preparing your body for pregnancy with fertility acupuncture three months before conception. Your fertility is also affected by your diet and lifestyle choices. Choose better nutrition to improve your health and fertility.

Confused about how to eat in a healthy way to maximize your fertility? Are you ready to make changes but unsure which foods, supplements and habits are best for you? This program is comprehensive.

Phase 1

Cleanse with the Elemental Detox: A 3 week food and supplement based cleanse.  Daily lifestyle recommendations and meditation reset your mind and body. It’s called Elemental because it’s basic. Change your diet and eating habits and enjoy better health.

  • Eliminates toxins– Especially important for those hoping to breastfeed as it has been show that toxins from the mother are released in breast milk.
  • Cleanses your liver– This helps your reproduction by improving the processing of hormones
  • Change unhealthy habits– Eliminate caffeine, alcohol,  sugar, and processed foods

Phase 2

Nourish Plan: A 3 week food and supplement based diet to support fertility.  Daily lifestyle recommendations and meditation fortify your mind and body. Prepare foods to nourish your fertility. Ready your body for baby. See the results. The focus is on:

  • Superfoods
  • Antioxidants
  • Healthy fats
  • Adequate protein
  • Essential nutrients for conception

For best results, follow the Detox with Nourish. You can also do each phase individually. Cost is $45 for 3 week Elemental Detox or Nourish alone.  Add a second 3 week program for $15.

Fertile Glow Express: The baby train is leaving! This combination plan is perfect for those starting ART (assisted reproductive technology including IUI or IVF very soon.) Two weeks of  cleansing and nourishing diet can be done from day 1 of your menses until ovulation and combines the most effective aspects of the Elemental Detox and Nourish Plan.

What are Superfoods and how do they impact fertility?

You know the basic advice on how to get pregnant. Don’t smoke or drink. Also, take a pre-natal vitamin. This is fine for someone who is young, has good ovarian reserve, and has no complicating reproductive issues. But if you are older, have been trying to conceive without success, or have health issues your body may need more. Superfoods are foods which are packed with antioxidants, and provide your body with the energy it needs to support a pregnancy. The added nutritional support normalizes hormone function to aid in conception.

Chinese herbal supplements for increasing fertilityChinese herbs for fertility GMP certified in Seattle WA

A key part of many acupuncture treatments is the use of Chinese herbs to correct imbalances within the body. These may be a result of a diagnosed fertility issue or a more subtle, sub-clinical imbalance. Finally, our herbs are also GMP certified and lab tested to insure that they are free of heavy metals and microbial contaminants.


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