A 3 week fertility diet: Prepare foods to nourish your fertility, Prepare your body for baby, Prepare for results

We take the idea of nutrition for fertility and reinterpret it through the lens of East Asian medicine to maximize fertility. This 3 week, food based diet, is an opportunity to prepare your body, habits and health for your future child. It supports your needs for individualized, optimal nutrition and prepares you for a healthier pregnancy. Our diet can be done on its own or with acupuncture treatments. It can be done after the Elemental Detox.  Ask your provider which is best for you.

Rooted in Tradition, Proven by Science. East Asian Medicine has a long history of healthy moms and babies. The Nourish Plan blends this knowledge with modern research on diet and fertility. Give your body a break from additional stressors coming in. Allow it to process and eliminate stored up toxins before you’re pregnant with your baby. This is particularly important for breast health and future milk quality, as breast tissue can store toxins that may be passed on to your child.

Obstetrics and Gynecology published a study done over 8 years with roughly 18,000 women looking to become pregnant. The results showed that following a “fertility diet” had a positive effect on ovulatory function. One quarter of all cases of infertility are caused by impaired functioning of the ovaries and ovulation.  Our Nourish Plan uses science based methods, small changes and an individualized approach. It will lift your spirit, revitalize your ovaries, regulate ovulation and balance hormones leading to increased fertility.

Acupuncture can be done during this time to increase energy and support your reproductive system. Our focus is on providing your body with the best nutrition to prepare for pregnancy. The results are a healthier, happier mom to be, and a healthier, happier child.

Who should do Nourish Plan? We recommend our three week, food based program in addition to acupuncture for anyone wishing to become pregnant. It is especially useful for those of advanced maternal age, unexplained infertility, premature ovarian failure, luteal phase defect and irregular cycles. It is a good choice for those who are planning to undergo ART including IUI and IVF.  IN this case the program should be completed before the assisted cycle. In some cases, the program may be indicated for those with anovulation/lack of periods.

Focus your intention  For many the road to becoming a mom is fraught with disappointment, anger, and grief. For others there is no clear rite of passage before pregnancy. Our program allows you to pause, prepare and align yourself with your healthiest self. We offer daily breath work, mantras and meditations to help you do this. Take your longing for a child and focus that energy. Be clear about your intention and desire. Be purposeful in your actions. Know that you are exactly where you need to be in the process. Use this brief, 3 week period to replenish your deeper self. Nourish yourself to nourish your future baby. It’s an important lesson that continues into parenthood!

The Nourish Plan

Office visit with Lindsey J Lawson MS EAMP                              $80, billable through most insurances

Coaching, Cleansing Packet, recipes, and resources                 $45

Nutritional supplements                                                                Varies

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