Better technology for thawing eggs has ushered in a new era in egg freezing.  Forward thinking ovary close up Seattle WAcompanies are now offering insurance coverage. Fertility clinics are promoting informational sessions around options and technologies available. 

 Savvy women who may want to have a baby someday but not right now, are taking the steps to preserve their fertility and plan for their future.  

 Before the eggs freezing can occur, the eggs must first be retrieved. The medications and schedule for this process are the same as those used in in vitro fertilization (IVF). We have been supporting women through egg retrieval for years and specialize in creating the optimal environment for egg development. 

 While there are no studies on the impact of acupuncture support for egg freezing, there are studies that show that acupuncture has a positive effect in the same egg retrieval process in IVF. It works to improve the blood flow to the ovaries maximizing the amount of nutrients and medications they receive. Acupuncture supports the environment in which the egg develops. It prepares the soil to nourish the seed. 

 Acupuncture support for egg freezing works to: 

  • Optimize the environment that the eggs are developing in.  
  • Correct minor hormone imbalances that may affect egg development.  
  • Reduce common side effects of medications used in retrieval 
  • Restore the body’s normal functioning after the eggs are retrieved 


When should I start acupuncture for egg freezing?

 It is ideal to start weekly acupuncture treatments 3 months before retrieval. Once you start your stimulation medications acupuncture should be done 2 times a week. After the procedure we recommend recovery acupuncture weekly for 2 weeks. Following up with our Elemental Detox is ideal to restore normal hormone functioning.