Acupuncture has been used to prevent and treat miscarriage for thousands of years. Whether you have aWoman looking worried she may have a miscarriage history of miscarriages,  are newly pregnant and worried, or have begun bleeding while pregnant East Asian medicine can offer help. Acupuncture is great to support a normal pregnancy. We recommend treatments weekly.

Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine can to help prevent miscarriage. Acupuncture can help in treating lining issues, auto immune factors, low grade infection, poor egg or sperm quality, issues related to advanced maternal age, uterine malformation (post surgery), or hormone imbalances which can all lead to miscarriage. The treatments are based on your body’s individual needs and medical conditions.

Tell me about acupuncture for threatened miscarriage. Bleeding during pregnancy is not uncommon but it can create a situation that leads to miscarriage. Acupuncture works to reduce the bleeding and support the pregnancy.

Can acupuncture for recurrent miscarriage be helpful? Acupuncture, supplements, moxabustion and diet can be used to correct imbalances which can cause recurrent miscarriage. If there is an underlying inflammatory issue we recommend the Elemental Cleanse along with Acupuncture treatments.

When should I get Acupuncture for my miscarriage? Acupuncture helps before the misarriage by either supporting the pregnancy or, if it is inevitable, allowing the body to release. Post miscarriage  we work to cleasnse the uterus. After that, it is time to rebuild your body.

Sometimes a miscarriage is inevitable.  Acupuncture works to allow the uterus to cleanse fully and rebuild a smooth uterine lining which is crucial for implantation. It also aids in recovery from a D and C and facilitates an easy, complete natural miscarriage.

Acupuncture for emotional treatment and trauma of miscarriage In East Asian medicine the mind body and spirit are not separate. Acupuncture for miscarriage does not overlook the emotional and spiritual health of the mother. We use acupuncture, herbs, and energetic healing to treat this aspect of miscarriage.

Miscarriages are common in the early months of pregnancy. The incidence among clinical pregnancies is about 12-15% but including early pregnancy losses it is 17-22%.That is about 1 in 7 pregnancies. As many as 60% of pregnancies are lost before the woman even knows she’s pregnant. Once the pregnancy reaches 12 weeks the chance of miscarriage is 5%. Miscarriages are more common in those who have suffered previous miscarriages.

Though common, they are made more difficult by the fact that many women and couples bear the news alone, choosing not to tell even close family members and friends. Because miscarriages not often talked about, women can feel isolated in their grief and feelings of failure while the world keeps on going. This combined with plummeting hormones can feel devastating. For those who have been struggling with fertility, for who just getting pregnant was a struggle, miscarriage can be particularly hard.

Another piece that is often over looked is the need to acknowledge the bond that existed between the mother and her pregnancy. An early stage miscarriage can have the same emotional weight as a later stage one and support is often non-existent. Her partner may or may not experience the same strong feelings of loss which can create relationship tension.

What causes miscarriage?

In the first trimester most miscarriages are due to chromosomal defects in the fetus. Usually there is no underlying factor that can be found. There is a high correlation between maternal age and risk of miscarriage. Recent studies also suggest that advanced age of the father correlates to increased risk as well. In general fertility issues are 40% female factor, 40% male factor and 10% unknown.

Relationship between maternal age and miscarriage

Age of Mother Risk of Miscarrying
18-20 12%
20-24 13%
25-29 14%
30-34 16%
35-39 19%
40-44 50% and up
45+ Over 90%


Other reasons for early miscarriage include implantation issues, clotting and inflammatory issues, genetic mutations (including MTHFR), immune or hormonal issues. Acupuncture and East Asian medicine work to correct and moderate these conditions for a healthy pregnancy.

Resources to overcome the trauma of miscarriage

Baby Marie: Natural Fertility After Miscarriage I started acupuncture treatments to help manage my anxiety after I had suffered a miscarriage. I was so surprised when I got pregnant the next month. The compassion that Lindsey showed made me feel understood. The bloating and nausea I felt during pregnancy were relieved with treatments too. I’m so thankful for the care at your clinic. Jayne, age 35