Baby Stories

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Baby Stefen: Overcoming Fibroids My road to mother hood was a long one. We had been trying for a year before I turned to acupuncture. Lindsey recommended I see a fertility doctor as well, and I found out I had 2 fibroids that were probably preventing pregnancy. I had the surgery and started with acupuncture to promote my recovery and increase my fertility. I was glad to be taking action and not just hoping every month and being disappointed when I had my period. We tried again the first month I had fully recovered from surgery and I got pregnant with Stefan. ,age 33

Baby Marie: Natural Fertility After Miscarriage I started acupuncture treatments to help manage my anxiety after I had suffered a miscarriage. I was so surprised when I got pregnant the next month. The compassion that Lindsey showed made me feel understood. The bloating and nausea I felt during pregnancy were relieved with treatments too. I’m so thankful for the care at your clinic. Jayne, age 35

Baby Mateo: Natural Fertility and Recurrent  UTI’s I’m 33 and been trying for several months to get pregnant on our own. I was ready to pregnant right now! I came in for this and chronic UTI’s.  After 2 months I had no more UTI’s and by the third month I got a positive pregnancy test. When I was ready for my second, I came in right away for acupuncture and conceived the next month. Annabel

Baby Avery: PCOS I was diagnosed with PCOS and wasn’t ovulating. I don’t care much for
conventional medical approaches and because I wanted to have a baby I didn’t want to take any medications. I knew that for me the process could take months or even years and involve changes in diet and exercise but I felt I could do it. There were times when I would get depressed and want to give up as month after month went by without a pregnancy. Sometime I would ovulate and sometimes months would go by without one. I could see improvements in my basal body
temperature charts though. Gradually I was more consistent.  Sometimes my treatments were almost like therapy because I just needed to talk. I always felt better afterword.  After 2 years of care I because pregnant with Avery. She has been the best addition to our life. Lucille, age 40