The Webster technique for breech presentation is a gentle release of muscles and ligaments around the pelvis and sacrum. It Webster Technique Seattle WAencourages proper positioning of the pelvis. This supports best location of the baby and promotes a more easeful labor.

Finding out your baby is breech can feel scary with limited options. Chiropractic care throughout the 3rd trimester supports normal physiological functions of the body and sets mom and baby up for a healthy delivery.

The Webster technique for breech presentation focuses on the round ligament which can become tight and stretched as the pregnancy progresses. This can cause tightness and pain or present with no symptoms for mom. This tightness restricts the ability of the baby to move freely. Turning a breech baby is more likely to occur is these ligaments are released and the pelvis is aligned.

We also recommend Acupuncture sessions to turn a breech baby.  We find that these two techniques together are more effective than alone. Most women find that chiropractic and acupuncture treatments at this time leave them feeling relaxed, with less pain and with less fear and anxiety. These techniques should be done as soon as the baby is found to be breech. Ideally week 33-34 or by the 8th month. It is never to late to try though!